Women’s Day #lovethyloo campaign: Shohinee’s story

It was the autumn of 2006. I was on my way to Digha for a family vacation. I had some questionable mushrooms the previous day. Terrible intestinal spasms of diarrhoea followed the next morning while I was on the bus to our destination.

We were cruising through the highway with fields of crops on both sides of the road and no sign of bathrooms in sight. Finally, my mother spotted a little hut far into one of the fields. By then I was visibly sick and my family pleaded the bus driver to stop.

To much annoyance of our co-passengers, mother and I got off the bus and made our way towards the hut. It turned out that a farmer and his wife inhabited it. We explained our situation, and although they seemed extremely awkward and confused by this request from two strangers, they let me use their bathroom to relieve myself (thankfully they had one, since it was a mud hut, we weren’t too sure).

The bathroom was very clean but water was scarce. The kind lady brought me a pail of water from somewhere.
I am grateful to them forever, they were true kindred spirits.
I don’t have a photograph from that day but when I think of the sick anxiety I went through aboard the bus before we found the hut, this is my expression!

sohini mukherjee