TraveLoogue: Of monuments, lakes and toilets

Marcel Proust had said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”. With this thought in mind, I along with my family set out on 3rd of April, 2015 for Uttarakhand and Delhi.

My co-travellers
My co-travellers

Towards Nainital

Our first destination was Nainital. We boarded the Durgiana Express and reached Moradabad on 4th morning. We travelled by road from Moradabad to Nainital and stopped at one of the restaurants on the highway connecting the two cities. The toilet of the restaurant was clean, but it did STINK.

The Stink starts following me

This picturesque hilly town is a traveller’s delight. From Nainital we visited Mukteshwar, a sleepty little hamlet 54 kms away. And yes, there too I had my tryst with toilets at a highway restaurant, and surprise, surprise, the toilet was clean.

The toilet at a highway restaurant on our way to Mukteshwar

We finally bid adieu Uttarakhand and reached Delhi via Jim Corbett National Park on 11th of April,2015.

Naini Lake

Historic Delhi

Humayun’s Tomb

What is Delhi without a visit to one of the many world heritage sites? I visited the Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb and the Qutab Minar. I was impressed with the loo in Red Fort. It was a pay and use toilet and pretty clean. But, somehow the STINK followed me everywhere, in every loo I paid a visit to. Nonetheless, they were pretty clean judging by ‘Indian’ standards.

The Red Fort Loo

My visit to Delhi would have been incomplete without eating at the iconic Karim’s. For a foodie like me, the place is a piligrimage of sorts.The food truly is out of the world. But, I wouldn’t go without an inspection of the loo, would I (winks). The toilet, yes, it was clean. But,it lacked a commode. For elderly people, it is a major hindrance and moreover the place is also visited by international tourists.

Karim’s Loo

I finally had to leave for home and thus boarded the Rajdhani Express on 12th of April, 2015. Rajdhani,a prestigious train, is a pride of the Indian Railway, but its toilets are a Disaster. How would you feel if you were to see people spitting? To make matters worse, they were not getting cleaned. Honestly , toilets in Rajdhani were a real dampener.

Yucks! On board Rajdhani.

My trip finally came to an end on the 14th with the train reaching NJP ( read New Jalpaiguri) and all there was left was to go home. Overall, it was an exciting trip and I thoroughly enjoyed it seeing my country with new eyes, except for some of the stinky trysts with some public loos.


Author Bio: Prapti Ghosh is a teacher and aspires to be a civil servant in order to serve her country. She has an  excellent  memory and flaunts it along with her sunsign, Scorpio. She freely gives her love to  dogs  and has adopted dogs with no homes. Oh! If you are a ‘know-it-all’, then she has asked us  to tell  you  to stay away from her.


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