Loo Watcher Prapti rates the toilets at Red Fort

Loo Watcher Prapti Ghosh  put on her travelling shoes  in April and set out on a tour of North India. She brought us some toilet ratings and here comes the first one. The public toilet at the Red Fort, a popular tourist attraction in Delhi and a World Heritage Site.  The Red Fort has become synonymous in India with Independence Day, 15th August, when the Prime Minister addresses the nation from the ramparts of this iconic fort. So we are quite interested to hear what our Loo Watcher has to say about Red Fort’s loos.

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Now over to Prapti!

                                                                11102880_884341281628735_4092189349242108111_o (1)

“My visit to New Delhi in the second week of April brought me to Red Fort and eventually to its loo.

I must say that the ‘Ladies Toilets’ impressed me as they were really clean.

But, the dampener was the STINK. I would have really wanted to give it a 3.5/5, but I am going to settle for a 3/5.”

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