Citizen Auditor: Revolting public toilet at ESI Hospital, Kolkata

Government hospitals in India have a reputation of having stinky and clogged toilets. Two reasons are attributed for this: Lack of maintenance and absence of civic sense on the part of users.

Recently, we received a photo of a public toilet at the government-run ESI-Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Manicktala from a citizen of Kolkata.

WARNING: Don’t scroll down if you are eating !!





We almost puked.

It seemed like it hadn’t been cleaned for weeks. Imagine, that you have to get your urine collected in a bottle for a test at this hospital and this is the toilet you would have to go in. Shudders!

When people are ill they have low immunity, which makes dirty hospital loos a hotbed for infections. The question is how to do we go about bringing a loo revolution in government hospitals? How do we ensure that apart from a good toilet infrastructure, users should also have the basic civic sense  to not poop outside the toilet bowl !

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