Menstruation! Say it loud, Say it Clear

What languages can you speak? Of course, we don’t know the answer. But, what we know is – whichever country you are from the ‘language’ around menstruation/periods isn’t a positive one. It is awkward and uncomfortable. We still talk about menstruation in hushed voices. We whisper to ask for pads in our schools and offices…

Hey, All! Women have had enough of unsafe toilets

Ever felt the pain of holding the urge to pee for hours? Welcome to the CLUB. As women, we suffer more than men due to lack of clean and safe toilets. Our urethra (the opening to our urinary tract) is shorter than in men, thus making it easier for the bacteria to reach the bladder. We…

Nestlé India’s WASH Project Aiming for Safe Water & Sanitation for employees & Rural Sector

In its bid to contribute to the Swachh Bharat campaign, Nestlé India has launched its WASH project with the goal of ensuring safe water & sanitation facilities for its employees. The project was announced during 2015 World Water Week that ran from 23rd August to 28th of the month.

The company is tying up with village communities and schools as part of the project. As lack of appropriate sanitation amenities is one of the major reasons behind staggering drop out rate among girl students in the villages- Nestlé India has initiated construction of sanitation facilities & toilets in the village schools. These beneficial facilities are offered in different communities across Nestlé plants….