Not so holy shit? Let’s gear up for a Toilet Inquilab

Yes, India is home to 58% of the world’s open defecators. Do these numbers horrify or shame us every day like they should? Do we consider it to be OUR problem, or do we wash our hands off because our shit is taken care of in our ceramic potties? We have been looking at toilets as an individual good rather than a public good, so we tend…

005&006: Mission Diagnose Pay & Use toilets of City of Joy

To make up for this long hiatus, today I’m going to take you to two pay& use loos near Gariahat, the most popular shopping destination in South Kolkata. I was accompanied by Shubhalakshmi, a student of St Xaviers with a love for studying diseases. She has also written a fantastic blog for us and has also helped develop a survey questionnaire which we will be unleashing soon…

Nestlé India’s WASH Project Aiming for Safe Water & Sanitation for employees & Rural Sector

In its bid to contribute to the Swachh Bharat campaign, Nestlé India has launched its WASH project with the goal of ensuring safe water & sanitation facilities for its employees. The project was announced during 2015 World Water Week that ran from 23rd August to 28th of the month.

The company is tying up with village communities and schools as part of the project. As lack of appropriate sanitation amenities is one of the major reasons behind staggering drop out rate among girl students in the villages- Nestlé India has initiated construction of sanitation facilities & toilets in the village schools. These beneficial facilities are offered in different communities across Nestlé plants….