Your poop could save lives and also pay you!

Do you know that your poop could treat people suffering from infections caused by a certain bacteria called C. difficile? Well, we didn’t. Since 2013, OpenBiome has been processing and shipping loads of poop all over the U.S. and thus curing thousands of people. You see, people who are infected with this bacteria need healthy fecal matter in their gut in order to survive — otherwise they need to be on constant antibiotic treatment.

Video: Bill Gates drinks ‘poopwater’ — thanks to this cool invention

After his nerdy Ice Bucket challenge, Bill Gates has gone viral on the internet with his Omniprocessor ‘poopwater’ drinking video.  The Omniprocessor, designed and built by Janicki Bioenergy, a Seattle engineering firm,  burns human waste to produce electricity and water. This cool processor is anticipated to handle waste from 100,000 people, produce up to 86,000…