001: Mission Diagnose Pay & Use toilets of City of Joy

Loo Watch Founder Mayuri Bhattacharjee is on a cool mission to check the health of the public toilets of Kolkata. Here is the first of many Loo Diagnoses. 

IMG_20150613_154119048      Even on a Saturday afternoon the Ruby junction has a bustling traffic

It might rain or it might shine, and the need to Pee can come anytime! As per various news reports, there are more than 180 public toilets under the jurisdiction of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Do we know how good or bad these toilets are? So, Loo Watcher  Mayuri has decided to embark on a mission to check the health of the public toilets of Kolkata. Now, over to her.

Mission Name:  Diagnose Kolkata’s Loos

“ On June 13, 2015, I visited the pay &use public toilet at the busy Ruby More (read the Ruby junction) on the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. So, let me share my Diagnosis:

IMG_20150613_154244375                       People who like squat toilets, will be quite inconvenienced inside this one

The toilet is new and it looks inviting from the outside. The Ladies section has two cubicles and both of them are fitted with commodes, but I feel that there should have been an option for people who prefer squat toilets. The smell inside was ‘Phenylly’ (if you love the smell of lemon scented phenyl, please visit this toilet). The toilet bowl was clean and there was water supply.

IMG_20150613_154256363                     We posted this photo on our Facebook page and everyone said, YUCKS!
  • There was no soap.
  • The mug was a small container, which was extremely dirty.
  • As it was raining heavily, the floor of the toilet was extremely mucky and there was no mat to wipe wet and dirty shoes .
  • And last, but not the least, there was no bin. So, if you need to dispose of a used pad there are two choices: Carry the used pad in your bag or just leave it inside the cubicle. Which one would you choose?
IMG_20150613_154337906                                       Let’s say I was taking a photo of the mirror

Overall I can say that it was better than many public loos that I have visited as a part of my Loo Research. We don’t have a male Loo Watcher in Kolkata yet, so we don’t know how the loos in the Gents section were.  I hope to share another rating soon and till then #LoveThyLoo. 

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If you live in another city and want to share your Loo Diagnoses, we would Love to hear from you. Let us bring the focus on our existing public toilets and when we have enough of such reviews in a particular city, we will share them with the powers that be. In due course, with your help we can also develop Loo Maps with ratings for different cities. Sounds cool? Write to us now at helloloowatch@gmail.com!

Mayuri is the Founder of Loo Watch. She loves toilets, food and travelling, and hates bad loos, public urination and the sound of chalk on blackboard.


  1. wajed 2nd July 2015 at 3:35 pm

    Keep d good work going….perhaps, Central kolkata should be yr next destination….also try and promote this portal as u may reap money and incentives your work….

    Digi strategist

    • Loo Watch 5th July 2015 at 5:26 pm

      Thank you, Wajed.
      I am progressing from South Kolkata and will be in Central Kolkata soon. Do write to helloloowatch@gmail.com if you would like to tell us more on how to do this better.

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